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Harris Ribut

About Harris Ribut

“There is no such thing as shortcuts. What I have achieved is from my earnest effort throughout a very long journey”

Harris Ribut is best known for his oil painting of fat women swaying to the beat of their daily chores. He shows us the grace and beauty of big women as a ‘sincere perspective of reality’. His many series of these women – doing chores, dancing, chit-chatting came from his muse, his mother. “Big is not heavy, fat but not ugly, passion rather than lust” – that’s how he sees them and hopes that the society will to.

Born in Carey Island in 1951,  he journeyed artistically as a street painter, paste-up artist, art director and even reporter and later sub-editor. In 1990, he began seriously to paint full-time. Now his paintings are in private collections all over the world.

And he has one dream. Having left his watercolour origins to paint in oil for almost 8 years, he is now re-capturing his first love, steadily working towards a book of watercolour sketches of his Fat Women.


 1998   Around the Body, Sutra Dance Theatre

              Citarasa Malaysia, Commonwealth, KL Craft Complex

             Launching of Art Village, Legend Hotel Kuala Lumpur

            Stroke of Paradise, Paradise Century Club Kuala Lumpur

 1999  Aspirasi, Langkawi

             Aku “Potret Diri”, Galeri Petronas KLCC

             Citarasa 99, Bank Negara Malaysia

             Conlay Group, KL Craft Complex

 2000 Untitled, Shah Alam Gallery

             Two Man Show, Villa Lotus Kuala Lumpur

             Citarasa, Bank Negara Malaysia

              Art Fest, Gisborne New Zealand

 2002  5 Sekawan, Alterly Gallery Singapore

              Self-Portrait, National Art Gallery Kuala Lumpur

              Cross Roads, Alliance Francaise Kuala Lumpur

 2003 Group Show, Mutiara Hotel Kuala Lumpur

             Drawing, Legend Hotel Kuala Lumpur

            Perempuan, Elle Six Gallery Kuala Lumpur

            Art for Heart, Galeri Petronas Kuala Lumpur

            Imajan dan Suara Kemerdekaan, MAybank Gallery Kuala Lumpur

            Self-Portrait, National Art Gallery Kuala Lumpur

            Fiv5 Enthusiasm, Art Deco, One Utama Kuala Lumpur

 2005   I Think, I Sketch, Elle Six Gallery Kuala Lumpur

              The First and Only One, Calanthe Art Café Melaka

              The Fat Lady & Elephant Opedia Gallery Hackman Stockholm Sweden

 2009   Tampannya Budi, Balai Seni Lukis Negara

 2010   Habitat Seni di Solaris Kuala Lumpur

 2011   Our World (Alam Kita), PWTC

             The Galleria @ Sangkut

 2012   At First Glance, Interpr8 Publika