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Julia Dubovik

About Julia DubovikĀ 

"I focus to capture the unexpected, hidden qualities behind the
Chandelier that most of us take for granted. Rich, deep colors within
simple compositions deliberately enhance the essence of this symbolic
light source throughout my works. In doing so, I invite the viewer to
reconsider this object and relate to it in a different way.

The Chandelier is the main subject of this series as light is the most
powerful thing in Nature. The crystals with its ability to reflect and
refract light create a magical atmosphere. In addition, everything in
its proximity becomes bright, enjoyable, and festive. I am drawn to this
unique light and to the idea that we can control it ourselves.
Internally we all possess a source of light and as with Chandeliers we
can turn it on or off."


2014 _National Academy of Art_, New York, NY,

2013 _Scuola del Vetro Abatti Zanetti, _Murano, Venice, Italy

2013 _Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze_, Florence, Italy

2012 _Oxford University_, Oxford, England

2011 _Istituto Europeo di Design_, Barcelona, Spain

2008 _Zoya Nebozhatko School of Art,_ Kiev, Ukraine


2015 Sotheby's Auction, The Resolution Project, Harvard Club, NY, NY

2015 Bailey House Auction, NY, NY

2015 NA Gala Auction, NY, NY


2014 Solo Exhibition, _Dumbo Gallery_, Brooklyn, NY

2012 Solo Exhibition, _Galeria Arnau_, Barcelona, Spain


2015 A single grain of rice, _Metanoia Gallery, _Paris, France

2015 Affordable Art Fair, NY

2015 Annual, _Sylvia Wald & Po Kim Gallery_, NY

2015 Annual Meadow Walk Art Show, _Oakcliff Sailing Center_, Long Island

2015 Group Show, _ART Square Gallery_, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2015 Summer Show, _NAWA Gallery_, NY

2015 Ivory Alive, _Six Summit Gallery_, NY

2015 Wish You Were Here, _A.I.R Gallery_, Brooklyn, NY

2015 Clio Art Fair, Chelsea, NY

2015 Group Exhibition, _Sonia Gechtoff Gallery_, NY,NY

2015 The Seashore, _Oakcliff Sailing Center, _Oyster Bay, NY

2015 Forms and the Opposites, _ArtistRun Gallery_, Long Island City, NY

2015 New Harmony Exhibition, _Midtown Gallery,_ NY, NY

2015 MID-YEAR Exhibition, _Sonia Gechtoff Gallery_, NY, NY

2014 Group Exhibition,_ Palisades_, Brooklyn, NY

2014 _NAWA Gallery_, NY, NY

2014 Beyond the Classical Exhibition, _National Academy Museum_, NY

2014 _Sonia Gechtoff Gallery_, NY, NY

2014 Creative Mischief Exhibition, _National Academy Museum_, NY, NY

2011 _Flowers & HorTech Exhibition_, Kiev, Ukraine

2010 _Gamma Gallery_, Kiev, Ukraine