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Lim Ah Cheng

About Lim Ah Cheng 

Born in 1971, his most prominent subject matter is the horse because of its unparalleled cultural significance and its repeated depiction in both the traditional and contemporary spheres in Chinese contemporary art. His highly fluid technique, explores this creature in all its magnificence.

Since a very young age, Ah Cheng wielded the brush with a talent that was unprecedented. Initially painting only as a hobby, Ah Cheng soon became a full time artist. Ah Cheng found painting as a means to express himself in ways that he could not through other means. He soon developed his art to act as narratives to express his Chinese cultural background.

His most prominent subject matter is the horse because in both a traditional and contemporary sense, horses have been a central motif in Chinese art. Its cultural significance is unparalleled being one of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac. From a beast of burden to an elegant and beautiful creature, horses are often depicted in their full glory. In fact the spirit of the horse is recognized to be the Chinese people's ethos – making unremitting efforts to improve themselves. It is energetic, bright, warm-hearted, intelligent and able.

He explores this magnificent creature in his highly fluid style that shows a good understanding and appreciation of various media including oil, acrylic and Chinese ink. The actual medium of his paintings is a combination of both oil and acrylic, or rather, mixed media. Ah Cheng combines an Oriental identity with his brushstrokes in a Western medium.


  1987     The 3rd Malaysia institute of Art Scholarship Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur

 1988     The 4rd Malaysia institute of Art Scholarship Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur
National day Art Exhibition 88, MCA Kuala Lumpur

 1991     Malaysia Institute of Art graduation Art Exhibition

 1993     Open show 1993, Gallery Shah Alam, Selangor

 1995     Opening Exhibition, Metropolitan Gallery

 1996     Three Man Show, Bukit Unggul Resort, Kuala Lumpur

 1997     Chinese ink painting Exhibition 97, Sin Chew Hall, Kuala Lumpur
Philip Morris Group of Com "Asean Art Award 97", National Art Gallery
Open Show 1997,Gallery Shah Alam

1998     Philip Morris Group Of Com "Asean Art Award 98", National Art Gallery
The 15th Chinese ink painting Exhibition ,Kuala Lumpur

1999      99 Artist Chinese ink painting Art Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur
Philip Morris group of Com "Asean Art Award 99", National Art Gallery

2000     The 1st Chinese Young Artist fine Art Exhibition, NN Art Gallery
Bintang Walkway Opening Art Show, Mariott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Gallery "ART on Plus" Opening Art Show, Melaka
The Klang Fine Art centre opening, Selangor

2001     "The Pallete" East and West Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
"Colour Expression" ,Art Deco Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
"Open show 2001", National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
Charity opening show 2001,CIA
2nd Conference by MLL, Mandarin Oriental ,Kuala Lumpur
               The Asean Contemporary Art show 2001,JakArta,Indonesia
2003 "Light Of Asia", All Season Place, Echo Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
Asean -Japan Art Exhibition 2003, Japan
"Oriental Spirit", All Season Place, Echo Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2002   "Challenging Horses 1996-2002", Elle Six Art Gallery Malaysia

                Malaysia Open show, National Art Gallery 2001 to 2002
Group Show at Metro Fine Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
Chinese Ink painting annual Art show, Kuala Lumpur
"Balik Kampung" Group Art show, Elle Six Art Gallery

2003     "Entitled Resonance of 5 Voice", Art Deco & Frame
Mutiara Hotel, "Mutiara Cares", Art Exhibition
Charity Art Show 2003, Elle Six Art Gallery

2004     "Melody in Harmony ", Dynasties Antique & Art Gallery Singapore

                " Five Inspiration" Art Deco & Frame Petaling Jaya
"Joyful Moment" Malaysia Artistes Association, Blue Wave Hotel Group show

                 Asean-Japan Art Exhibition 2004, Amarin Plaza, Echo Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
Mia Hua 7th Anniversary Grand Art Exhibition 2004, Singapore
International New- Salon Exhibition, Korea New Art Festival, Korea
International Chinese ink Painting Exchange Show 2004,China Mainland, London, Mongolia, China
"Oriental Spirit 2",The Heritage Club ,Echo Gallery ,Bangkok, Thailand
Singapore National day’04, Dynasties Antique & Art gallery, Singapore

2005     "enigma of movements" -05", XOAS, Art Salon

               Tsunami Charity Art show, National Art gallery, KL
XL 05, XOAS Art Salon, PJ

            "Fairytales" on March-Laluna Gallery, Chiangmai, Thailand
Asian Invitation Exhibition international Seoul 2005,Seoul


  1988     Award, Free Diploma Art Scholarship From Malaysia Institute of Art
3rd Award from the Art National Day open 1998

 1997     Initiative Award 1997 From Gallery Shah Alam, Selangor

 2003     Award on "World Chinese Women’s Association" art competition 2003


  Public Collections

 Mandarin Oriental Hotel

 Nokia Telecommunication (Mal),

 Shaw Brothers(MAL),

 Coben Marketing,

 M2 Concept architects,

 Esso Malaysia,

 Sundrise Group,


 United Overseas Bank-Osk Group,

 Pernas Group of Mal,

 KTS Cellular Sdn bhd,

 Great Eastern,

 Ascott Hotel,

 Pulic Bank,

  AJF Mutual Fund Bangkok ,


  Tropical Life Phuket

  Baskin Robbins

 Art Societies

Member of Malaysia Artistes Association
Member of Chinese Ink Painting Malaysia