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Louise Low

About Louise Low 

Louise Low received her early art education in Kuala Lumpur College of Arts from 2002 to 2005 before heading over to Australia
to study at University of Tasmania where she obtained a Bachelor of Contemporary Art in 2010.
She has been exhibiting since 2004 in a variety of group exhibitions from Kuala Lumpur to South Korea, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka as well as Australia.

At the heart of Louise’s work lies the desire to express her thoughts on the role of women in society.
To Louise, feminism, dignity and survival are important elements in her works.
She attempted on sculptures in 2008 and has moved on to focus entirely on it since.
Her most notable sculpture, shark made out of brassieres, was prominently featured Galeri Petronas during Young Malaysia Artists: New Object(ion) II.



      2013     The Art of Urban Living, SEED Sentul East Design Kuala Lumpur

                     Young Malaysian Artists: New Object(ion) II, Galeri Petronas Kuala Lumpur

                     Art Symposium, Chiangmai Thailand