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Melton Kais

About Melton Kais

Painting is a communication of an artist’s special understanding of the depth, beauty and importance of the subject. It enriches and enhances the lives of the viewers in sharing the artistic experience as well as the artist producing it.”

Born in 1960 in Sarawak and brought up in a Land Dayak family, Melton’s upbringing was greatly influenced by his culture, traditions and beliefs of the ethnic tribe to which he belongs and his immediate surrounding natural environment - forest, jungle, river, stream, mountain. The influence is so great that it never really escaped Melton’s scrutiny until today.

In his my paintings, Melton strives to think on how painting could join the actual beauty of things, as it is perceived and enjoyed (transiently and imperfectly) by the senses, to the timeless aesthetic principles which underlie all things.

Colours are always built into the foundation of his works, making them vigorous, endlessly renewable and pursued with inexhaustible concentration. This has formed a model of exactly the kind of integrity he wanted to develop as he sought out the colours and combinations that would express his feelings.

Balance, purity, cheerfulness, comfort to the soul in its composition are the very basic in Melton’s effort to creating his paintings. What particularly attracted him when he composes and paints his surrounding environment are its uncompromising colours, almost unshadowed depiction of nature and playful use of perspective which creates an effect that is visionary, almost hallucinatory.



  1988       ‘Exposition’ - STTI Annual Art Exhibition
Pameran Bakat Muda Sezaman, National Art Gallery Kuala Lumpur
                    Space’ Art Exhibition, National Art Gallery Kuala Lumpur
                   ‘Peace‘ Art Exhibition, National Art Gallery Kuala Lumpur
                    ‘My Perspectives’ First Solo Art Exhibition, Sarawak Museum

   1991  Sarawak Top Artist Art Exhibition Sponsored By MLNG
 Annual Sarawak Artist Society Art Exhibition

 2005  Second Solo Art Exhibition - 'My World' Galleria
                   Joint Art Exhibition Gallery Petronas, Bangunan Daya Bumi, Kuala Lumpur
                   Joint Art Exhibition in Conjunction with The International Art Workshop with Artists from Morocco, Singapore, West Malaysia, The Netherlands and Italy,
Kuching Civic    Centre
 State Level Gawai Art Exhibition
  Design 'Bidayuh Motifs and Design', Bau Civic Centre

 2006  Art Fest Art Exhibition Galleria
 Essence of Colours, Galleria

 2005-2012     Resident Artist, Galleria

  2005-2007     Joint Art Exhibition, Galleria

  2007   X+Trasi, Kem Pelukis Malaysia, Melaka
 Pameran Jemputan Senika, Pahang
                            Ngajah Duoh Sua, Sarawak Artist Art Exhibition, National Art Gallery Kuala Lumpur
 Pameran Lukisan Terbuka Johor
 Sarawak Art and Craft Festival Art Exhibition

 2008  Borneo Escapade, Art Loft, Kuala Lumpur

  2009    Redeem Art Exhibition, Bau, Sarawak

                        Labuan International Marine Convention Art Exhibition

  Pesta Birumuh Serian

2010  Nov-Dec 2010 SATA –Sarawak Art Teachers Art Exhibition

 My Malaysia 6/8/2010- 30/9/2010 Galleria Kuching

Crossing Borders 2010, 2 men art exhibition, Galleria, Kuching

Sarawak Artist Society Anniversary Art Exhibition, Kuching

 2012   Rhythm Of The Forest, 2 Men Show, Younie Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

 2013  Discover Malaysia Art, MiFA Melbourne Australia


Committee Member, Gabungan Persatuan Pelukis Malaysia

 Member, Sarawak Artist Society, Sarawak

 Member, Sarawak Art Teachers Association

Related Experiences

 Panel, Coordinator and Examiner for Visual Art Education, Malaysian Certificate of

 Education, Malaysian Examination Syndicate

 Chief Judge for Numerous Art Exhibitions organised by The Ministry Of Tourism, Sarawak, Sarawak Housing Development and Private Institutions

 Organising Chairman for SATA and VISUAL FIESTA Art Exhibition for Teachers 
in Sarawak


  • Museum Seni Sarawak
  • Sarawak Shell Bhd.
  • MLNG, Bintulu
  • Petronas Art Gallery, Twin Tower, Kuala Lumpur
  • Natioanl Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
  • Sarawak Capital Cooperation
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel, Kuching
  • JWW Marriot (Righa Royal), Miri
  • Mulu Resort, Miri
  • Holiday Inn, Miri
  • Mega Hotel, Miri
  • Kingwood Hotel, Kuching
  • Art and Design Practice, Kuching
  • Bau Civic Centre, Bau
  • Money Museum, Bank Negara, Kuala Lumpur
  • Kerajaan Negeri Johor
  • DBNA Headquarter, Kuching