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Penny Wong

About Penny Wong 

Formerly an air-stewardess, Penny Wong counts the opportunities travelling to Europe as her inspirations.
Constantly collecting information, photographs and researching on the matter, Ipoh-born Penny transfers these studies into painting.

She has a fascination with bold colours and lines, and the impact they have on a viewer.
She believes that brilliant colour ignites the viewer’s attention inviting curiousity.

Penny studied Fine Art in Singapore and now resides in Germany.



    2007     Group Exhibition, Block 43 Studio Gallery Singapore

   2008     Group Exhibition, Block 43 Studio Gallery Singapore

   2009     Open Studio, Group Exhibition, The Holdsworth Studio Gallery Wessex Estate Singapore

   2010     Remembering Rainbows, John Erdos Art, Singapore

   2011     Artist Collective, Art Loft Singapore

   2012     Vibrants Districts, Jorn Erdos Art Singapoe tent