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Yap Chin Hoe

About Yap Chin Hoe

Born in 1970, Yap Chin Hoe's artistic talent was apparent from a young age, and he continued his art education at the Malaysia Institute of Art.
Chin Hoe displays a mastery over the brush as well as an expertise at composition.

Chin Hoe has finessed a refreshing contemporary interpretation of classic Western still-life – the Oriental antique-wares bring grace and poise to an otherwise traditional theme. Intricate details – the flutter of dragonfly wings, soft tendrils of foliage, graceful translucent drapes – and a more vivid palette have infused his recent artworks with a new vitality.
It is, as if by chance, that the elements in the paintings have come together, in a harmony that cannot be attained by deliberate design, but by some quirk of fate, that reveals the poetry and enchantment that is intrinsic to life.

From his early watercolours of Malaysian scenes, Chin Hoe has developed a distinctive style that is uniquely Asian, yet universally appreciated.


 1990     Pameran Bakat Muda Sezaman, National Art Gallery Kuala Lumpur

 1992     8 x 6 Watercolour Exhibition,Maybank Gallery

 1995     To Mother With Love, Cafe Gallery, Isetan

 1997     PNB National Creative Art Competition 

 1998     Footprint - Line of Continuity, GaleriWan

 1999     Out of Flood, GaleriWan

 2000     Pameran Tanpa Tajuk, Galeri Shah Alam
Aspirasi 2000, Pulau Langkawi 2000

 2001     The Oriental Passage, Art Space Aoki, Schizuoka, Japan
                Artworks being featured in American Club, Singapore

 2004     The Framing Concept and Gallery Show
                 Tranquility, Artfolio, Singapore

 2005     Tapestry - 2 Men Show, American Club, Singapore

 2007     Serenpidity, Artfilio Gallery Singapore


 2008     Fresh! Addition, Artfolio, Singapore

 2009     Home , Artfolio, Singapore

                 Joyful Encounter, The Gallery @ Starhill, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

 2012     Prevue #01, Art Projects Gallery Hong Kong

 2013     CNY Golden Snake Art Exhibition, Ledge Gallery Kuala Lumpur


 1987     Art Competition, Alam Semulajadi Sedunia  (First Prize)

 1988     Art Competition organized by Holiday Inn (Second Prize)

 1996     Estee Lauder Breast Awareness Campaign Art Compettition (First Prize)

 1997     PNB National Creative Art Competition (Finalist)